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Model UT 80 - Innovative Multi-Purpose Catarpillar Tractor


The innovative multi-purpose catarpillar of UT of 80 EVO is intended for work in vineyards, gardens, forestry and for city service. The original general design of a tractor, unique structure of the bulldozer and the chassis, the low center of gravity, existence of the powerful engine and hydrostatic transmission of UT of 80 EVO guarantees safe work under any conditions and on the most abrupt slopes. UT of 80 EVO can be equipped with a safety crab with electronic control, 150 meters of a cable and negative brakes of a cable. Speed of giving of a crab is automatically synchronized with speed of a tractor, providing constant force of draft for a cable, thus the driver can regulate traction effort depending on operating conditions.

The UT tractor of 80 EVO allows management of one hand by means of the joystick on a driver's seat and as in situation sitting, and standing. The second joystick allows the driver to supervise all hydraulic forks and to carry out 3-oh dot connection without looking at all at the joystick. UT of 80 EVO can be developed on 360 ° in extremely narrow space where more bulky equipment can move only on a straight line.

Highly effective hydraulic transmission continuously provides the maximum torque that allows the car to work at difficult soils (a friable stone, gravel, soft soil etc.), and also for equipment towage. PTO with a mechanical drive works from transmission by means of the electromagnetic coupling that allows to transfer all engine capacity without loss.

The sizes, see.
Length 250 
Tracks width 122 
Width on tracks 93 
Height of sitting of the driver from the earth 109

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