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Model UT EVO - Crawler Tractor



UT EVO is a very compact and powerful crawler tractor. UT 60 is the most compact model. The strength, the very low center of gravity, the high manageability, (UT EVO can steer on its axis at 360°) and the great traction capability, make UT EVO the ideal tractor to operate in very narrow row spacing and on steep slope. UT 80 and UT 100 are specifically designed to work on very steep slope, up to 100%, with automatic security winch. UT 80 and UT 100 are equipped with special rubber tracks, gears and hydraulic transmission especially designed to work in safe conditions also in extreme conditions. The design of the machine is suitable to fit implements as: sprayer, grape harvester, mower, powder or fertilizer spreader, pruner, trailer etc. UT evo with all the implements has the center of gravity in the middle of the tracks, to keep the minimum length of the unit and have the best manageability and stability.


  • UT 60: diesel, 3 cylinder, turbo, max power  42 kW
  • UT 80: diesel, 4 cylinder, turbo, max power  60 kW
  • UT 100: diesel, 4 cylinder, turbo, intercooler, max power  70 kW


  • Chassis  completely  laser cut, fully belly protected.
  • AHSS steel (Advanced High Strength Steel)
  • Electro-phoresys treatment and powder paint.


  • Heavy duty hydrostatic transmission; radial piston hydraulic motors driving the tracks, giving the maximum torque immediately at start.
  • Negative security brake.
  • Speed : 0-7 km/h
  • Two hydraulic oil tanks for UT 80 and UT 100: one for main transmission and one for auxiliary services.

Winch with electronic control

On UT 80 and UT 100 it is available a security winch with electronic control of the cable tension. It is equipped with 150 metres of cable, negative brake and automatic  system to synchronize the winch to the speed of the machine.   

The tension of the cable can be adjusted at any moment by the driver to be set at the value suitable to the work conditions

Rubber tracks

  • Last generation of reinforced heavy duty rubber tracks
  • Pivoting rollers to allow the best contact to the ground contour and have the maximum comfort and traction capability


  • Reversible cab available on request.
  • Joystick control to move and steer.
  • Hydraulic auxiliary power supply 4 sections double effect (2 floating). Manual levers control.
  • Electro-hydraulic auxiliary power supply 7 sections double effect (2 floating), on request.
  • Priority valve with flow regulation to power an auxiliary hydraulic motor with revs control for an implement tool.
  • Oil temperature gauge with security system for cold starting, on request.
  • Mechanical spring seat, pneumatic on request.

Power take off

Mechanical power take off, 540 revs/min, with electro-magnetic clutch; the full engine power is available continuously on the PTO.

Hydraulic lift

  • Three point hydraulic linkage  cat. I with floating position, quick hooks adjustable in width.
  • Lifting capacity: 900 kg on the hooks.
  • The linkage is equipped with AGC system (Automatic Ground Contour) with pivoting hook bar: the hydraulic rotation of the hooks with floating position, allows a free movement of the implement both in height and in rotation, to follow exactly the ground contour.

Implements compact fitting

It is very easy to take the 3-point linkage is off the tractor, thus having place to fit different implements directly on the tractor. In this way the machine remains very compact, avoiding extensions to its length and keeping the best manageability and great stability. 

UT evo can be equipped with any implement available on the market


  • The sprayer replaces the three point linkage, keeping its weight on the tractor's chassis.
  • Reinforced fibreglass tank,  capacity 200 liters.
  • Axial flow  blower both for canopy and espalier with fan  ø 500 mm.
  • Three diaphragm pump  50 litres, 40 bar.
  • Four nozzle sections with solenoid control.
  • Remote control box.
  • Adjustable foot jack to allow just one driver to quickly fit on and take off the implements.

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