- Cloth Filter Unit


The 'UT cloth filter unit' filters algae, plant material, etc. from drain water up to 20 μm. The filter does not need to be cleaned.

Cloth filter provides low maintenance. The filter cloth is easy to replace and the machine does not need a lot of power. The average use of the filter cloth is a few centimetres up to a few meters a day depending on the pollution of the water.

The UT cloth filter units are filter systems to remove plant material, sand, substrate, and algae out of the drain water. This filter system has a capacity of 1 to 50 m3/hour and can filter particles from 110 μm up to 20 μm. Together with UV-radiation or ECA-solution the drain water is also disinfected of al fungus and bacteria.

Drain water of:

  • Produce washers (tomatoes, Potatoes, apples etc)
  • River water
  • Grow tables
  • Substrate Irrigation

Until recently, fine water filtration has required sand-filters or screen filters, both demanding regular maintenance. Unique Technologies Engineering BV is pleased to introduce a Media Cloth Filter for cleaning water in both pressurized and non-pressurized applications. The Media Cloth Filter reduces particulate in the water to as low as 5 microns, even when processing large volumes. The Media Cloth Filtration unit will work effectively for the basic water needs of a smaller greenhouse operation, and the high volume needs of a flood floor system. The Media Cloth Filter will make any sterilization more effective.

UT Cloth filters are instrumental when recirculating water in greenhouse irrigation. These filters are also good for filtering pond, rain or creek water. The water to be filtered is pumped from the water source into the inlet of the filter distributing the liquid over the entire width of the filter media leaving the solids behind as the clean water flows via gravity through the filter discharging out the bottom. When the solids reach a pre-set level a sensor will initiate an index cycle and the excess media and solid waste are discharged from the filter Cloth. Filters are made from stainless steel so the filter will last for many many years.

Cloth filters come in many sizes starting with 45, 90 and up to 180 m3/uur. Cloth is available in several weights to provide different levels of filtration. Standard cloth filters out to 28 micron ideal for filtering before UV sterilization or heat pasteurization.

For many crops this type of filtration is good enough to recirculate right back on the crop. At 28 micron we are removing a lot of the food source for pathogens. By removing the food source you will greatly reduce pathogens feeding on them. In many regions you are required to have a zero run off system. Sand filters and screen filters require backwashing to clean them. When the cloth is used up it becomes a solid waste and meets requirements for a zero run off filter. These filters are also good for filtering pond, rain or creek water.

  • Filter cloth can reduce particulate from 20 microns to as low as 5 microns
  • Fully automated
  • No back-wash required
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Capacities from 45, 90 and 180 m3/uur
  • Filter grades from 110 to 5 micron

  • For filtration of supply and re-circulation water;
  • Grow tables, Substrate Irrigation, Ebb and Flow
  • Produce washers (tomatoes, Potatoes, apples etc)
  • River, pond creek water

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