Truck Auger



Here's the way lo fill drills, feed bunks. small bins and sacks. The My-D Han-I) iruck auger mounts quickly and safely to any truck bed and can be powered by any 12-volt DC battery. Easy to remove and store when noi needed. It will take the hard work out of a lot of jobs, and is an inexpensive, dependable helper that requires virtually no maintenance.

360° Swivel Spout
eliminates binding. Lets you reach any point within a 28 feet diameter.

Telescoping Discharge Tubes slide smoothly in and out as you move. Telescope from 8 to 14 feet.

Adjustable Truck Mount prevents auger from tipping. No bottom anchor required. Easy to set desired discharge height.

On/Off Power Switch is located on outlet end next to handle for convenience and safety.

Sizes: Hull four-inch diameter auger available in 11 or 16 fool lengths. Power: 12-VOlt motor develops full two horsepower. Complete with V-belt. pulley and belt guard.

Capacity: Approximately five to six bushels per minute (based on dry wheal).

Weight: Approximately KM) pounds.

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