Pitonyak Machinery Corporation

Utility Levelers


PMC Utility Levelers are by far the most durable piece of equipment available today to the dedicated contractor, farmer or landscaper. This innovative product can provide the finishing touches to lot and road maintenance. The PMC Utility Leveler provides a smooth, compacted, finished surface void of small imperfections without the high cost of a grader. The leveler will remove and smooth levees in irrigated soybean fields. It is the perfect tool for replacing the difficult to use rear mounted blade or box scraper.

  • Durable and strong enough for use with high horsepower tractors
  • Three point hitch mounted
  • Two blades welded into place to provide proper distribution
  • Grader type blades that provide a true cutting edge
  • Blades can be reversed to double life of a single blade
  • Length, width and blade angles perfected over years of field trials and engineering to provide maximum performance and efficiency
  • All runners constructed of 2-1/2' steel pipe for added life

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