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Model UV - Flexible Silos


The source material of our UV-Silo's® is the fibre KoSa high-tenacity polyester yarn. The Hoechst AG, former manufacturer of this polyesterfibre, ran tests in the area of Frankfurt/Main with this material under the name of TREVIRA-HOCHFEST® for its resistance against sunlight and UV radiation. One result was, that a black thread ist much more UV-resistant than a white thread. This knowledge was the basis of a patent that was given to Silobau Steinecke by the German Patent Office after thorough testing (DBP Nr. 32 04 758.4).


Material and properties: A food safe, breathable and UV-resistant fabric which is particularly dust-resistant. Aromatic products such as spices, cocoa, etc. or hygroscopic products, require special storage conditions. There are coated UV-Silo's® for these products which will satisfy high requirements with great reliability.

Size and weight: UV-Silo's® are lightweights. And they are extremely adaptable. We can offer an individual solution for any needs and for any space.

Installation and maintenance: UV-Silo's can be installed in any building very quickly, even in existing buildings. No special care is required. UV-Silo's® require no maintenance.

Our clients: the processing industry, chemical industry, food industry, fodder industry and all sectors which need to store bulk goods in optimal conditions.

  1. Dust-free pneumatic filling direct from a tanker truck without requiring a filter system.    
  2. Ports for filler lines in the silo cover. Reinforcements for fill level sensors.
  3. The UV-Silo's® can be suspended either in a steel frame as shown here or in a steel support structure for installation on an existing sub-structure.
  4. The steel frame can be installed with great ease using welded threaded studs.
  5. Special fabric: No safety measures to prevent sunlight /UV radiation) required.
  6. The autohopper guarantees trouble-free operation. Dust-tight seams provided by the special production process for the fabric. The UV-Silo's® are made with at least six-fold safety reserves. Also with a second outfeed. Fluid base for bulk goods which have particularly poor flow properties.
  7. Outfeed diameter adapted to the removal device.

UV-Silo's® are breathable The breathable fabric of the UV-Silo's® allows air-circulation.

No condensation
Precious fodder won´t get spoiled anymore.
With the UV-Silo's® of Steinecke you make the right decision for the health of your animals.

UV-Silo's® require no maintenance and are durable
Fodder will not stick at hte Silos´ walls manufactured of flexible fabric. No expensive and time-intensive cleaning is required.

UV-Silo's® are dust-resistant
There is no increased dust-encumbrance during the filling operation and during the UV-Silo's® are working. The fabric is highly dense. Even during pneumatic filling of the silo, just air does escape through the material.

The problem:
In metal- or glass fibre-silos condensation may be produced. This humidity provokes mildew and bulks - precious fodder gets spoiled, the health of your horse is in danger! This might provoke colics or sterility.

The solution:
UV-Silo's® are manufactured of breathable fabric. The stored fodder remains dry and in an

impeccable condition. Your decision for UV-Silo® is a decision for the health of your animals. You will obtain the optimal hygienical preconditions for your fodder storage.

Our UV-Silo's® are constructed in that way that protection measures against sunlight are not necessary. They may be installed unreservedly under a light-ridge. You don´t have to darken light-sheets or windows as prescribed by the Trade Association. Thus, you save work and expenses!

In your stable you can preserve a bright and friendly atmosphere. Well-being of human beings and animals will be stimulated.

UV-Silo® is a registered trade mark of Steinecke.

If you lack free place inside your building, you can also mount the UV-Silo® outside coated against bad weather. UV-Silo's® can be mounted by yourself. Dismantling and moving them to new premises is possible without any problem.
Silobau Steinecke will furnish you the complete construction-set with cover or prepared for a coating by yourself.

The ecological advantages of wood pellets

Wood pellets are considered CO2-neutral. Only as much Carbon dioxide is set free as the tree consumes during its growth cycle. Also, less energy is consumed in the process of making Wood pellets, included transportation, than with conventional fuels such as oil or gas.

Wood pellets help to avoid an increase of the greenhouse effect and thereby protect nature.

Burning Wood pellets also reduces the output of NOx that is held responsible for acid rain. The environment benefits.

Wood pellets are safe to handle and can be transported without a problem. Hazards, leakages or accidents that happen at the drilling, refining or transporting oil or gas (with tankers, pipelines) are impossible with wood pellets.

The sustainable forestry in ones own country is supported because native resources are processed. In Europe as a whole the forest cover is growing at the rate of the size of Cyprus each year.

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