Model UW40 - Brushwood Cutters



When your goal is to help young trees to get stronger and grow better, UW40 Brushwood Cutter is perfect choice for you. UW40 Brushwood Cutter gives you power and accurancy to do all precommercial thinnings. The compact head has either cutting or sawing function, depending on the rotation direction of blade.

  • weight 90 kg
  • hydraulic feed 30-60 l/min, 180 bar
  • speed of rotation: one circle per second
  • direction of rotation may be changed any time: either knife or saw
  • cutting diameter 0-40 mm with knife, 20-90 mm with saw on either side
  • easily fitted on various cranes
  • hydraulic feed either from rotator line or grip line
  • Active tilt: the cutter may then be tilted and locked during the cutting

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