Model v.1 - PC-Spray Controller


With Danfoil PC-SprayController v.1, Danfoil has gathered all spray control on a single display, with great graphic freedom. It is possible to install plug-and-play functions, including various third party applications that may be relevant to the operator. The system comes standard with a Touch Screen monitor and associated SC-joystick, which allows for easy and quick handling of the most used functions.

All functions controlled from one touch screen

The integrated steering manages all the field sprayers functions, including control of air pressure (cm/vS), liquid control, all hydraulic functions, self tracking drawbar, boom height, sections, individual boom lift, GPS-navigation, and general control of all extra equipment, e.g. high-pressure cleaner.

The interface is characterized by innovation and is based on a PC-terminal with touch screen, where all the field sprayers functions can be controlled, and also comes with a joystick for operating the most frequently used functions when the sprayers is running.

The operator is able to customize the graphics and can freely choose what information he wants on his screen, which means the data level of detail can continuously be changed from very general, with few data, to many detailed data on the main screen. Furthermore, the user have an overview of the features running, and receives alert messages from the system if there, for example, is a faulty sensor or the spray tank is at a critical level.

Integrated help function

Danfoil PC-SprayController v.1 has an integrated help feature installed, which means that the operator can easily look up in the PDF manuals and find answers to settings or troubleshoot. Furthermore, the operator has access to videos that explain various procedures and settings.

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