- Shear Grabs



The use of shear grabs is an excellent option if you, for instance, need to handle wet silage as the silage pressure generates a counter pressure during cutting. This preserves the storage density of the silage and leaves its quality completely unaffected. The sophisticated shape of the cutting frame in this shear grab makes it possible to achieve clean cuts even on the toughest types of silage. This shear grab operates at a working width of 1,600 mm.

3-part, bolted, V-shaped knives
The sophisticated technology applied in the construction of the BvL shear grabs makes it possible achieve clean cuts even on the toughest types of silage.

Almost entirely maintenance-free
The rugged construction ensures that operation is almost completely maintenance-free, allowing you to save both cost and time.

Powerful unloading system
The smooth and low-wear operation of our shear grabs guarantees a superior work experience while ensuring swift unloading with minimum trickle losses thanks to the closed cutting frame and the narrow spacing of the tines.

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