Tifone s.r.l.

- 3 Point Hitch Air Sprayer



TIFONE is manufacturing the V€NTO line, the Air sprayer with full equipment, offered with an optimal Price-Quality ratio. High performance in Vineyard and Orchard spraying.

  • Very compact 
  • Very Round shaped 
  • Low Centre of Gravity 
  • Hemispheric Bow 
  • Keel band, front to back 
  • Mud Scrapers to tires
  • Mechanic indicator for tank content, 
  • No chemical sedimentation.
  • Adjustable Floor deflectors 
  • Adjustable Top deflectors
  • Variable Propeller, for an easy instant Spray Power adjustment, according to Plantation: Row spacing, Height of trees and Density of vegetation. 
  • The best machine to spray in different kind of Vineyards and Orchards.'

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