Built ROWSE Tough, the V-Rake is ALL AMERICAN MADE for years of heavy duty, virtually maintenance-free use. The ROWSE V-Rake offers hydraulically adjustable windrow widths that ensure optimum operating rates. Larger models feature a flexible frame for clean, uniform raking across uneven ground. Rake wheels are built to last with larger dimension tines. Plus, the center hub holding the tines is much heavier. The arm positioning the rake wheel pivots on tapered roller bearings so the end play can be adjusted. Plus, telescoping and side mechanisms have been eliminated with ROWSE unique positioning of the raking beams, which easily unfold over the top of the wheels. For additional protection against obstructions, the end wheels set inwardly.

  • With all the exclusive ROWSE design features, no other product comes close to giving you so much raking power, flexibility or durability.
  • Available in 12, 14, 16, 18, and 20 wheel models or in single angle models of 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14 wheel.

  • Optional Adjustable Windrow Width… This time saving feature is hydraulically controlled allowing you to easily adjust for your desired width of windrow. In addition, ROWSE V-Rakes feature a polythylene slide mechanism, so the need for lubrication is eliminated.
  • Optional Hub Guard… eliminates the wrapping of hay crop around the spindle assembly should hay carry over the wheel.
  • Tapered Roller Bearings… The arm positioning the rake wheel pivots on tapered roller bearings so the end play of the bearings can be adjusted. Unlike other rakes with sleeves or ball bearings, these tapered roller bearings withstand the end thrust of the rake wheels.
  • Optional Kicker Wheels… 2 optional kicker wheels are available to turn the center of the windrow and allow nearly all of the crop to be raked.
  • An Optional Valve… is available if the tractor is equipped with only 1 or 2 valves. The optional valve allows the operator to perform all V-Rake functions (folding the arms in and out, sliding the rear wheels from raking to transport position and back).
  • Flexible Frame… On large models, rake wheels are attached to a flexible frame for clean, uniform raking across even the most uneven ground.
  • Inwardly Set End Wheels… This feature helps offset the twist that the weight of the raking wheels puts on the mounting beam. It also provides protection to the end rake wheel and lift rod should an obstruction be encountered.
  • Horizontal/Vertical Double Pivots… The frame which the wheels attach to pivots both horizontally and vertically while the main frame which the rear wheels attach to remains stationary. Grease fittings allow for easy lubrication.
  • More Advantages
  • Optional Poly Inserts… are essential for raking on windy days, eliminating the problem of crop carry over on the wheel.
  • Optional Rough Terrain Dual Wheel Assembly… in the rear give a smoother ride over rough ground and better stability on hillsides or uneven ground.
  • ROWSE Patented Compression Spring Assembly… eliminates spring breakage or stretching out and gives a more uniform, consistent weight per wheel, thus improving raking ability and maintaining longer life.
  • Flexibility of Raking Width… All V-rakes feature flexibility of movement allowing you to rake from 50% of maximum width to full width. These perimeters have been research proven as optimum operating rates for minimum and maximum degree of angle for pulling through the field.

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