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Model V-Type - Eel & Fish Friendly Pumps


Hidrostal’s Fish and Eel Friendly Pumps are larger than our F-Type pumps.  They are used when the objective is to pump a specified quantity of water that may contain live eels or fish.  The use of the Eel and Fish Friendly Pump will allow these creatures to pass freely through the pump without incurring any injury or stress.


Typical applications for Fish and Eel Friendly Pumps are land drainage pump stations and industrial water abstraction from rivers, reservoirs, lakes and estuaries.  The demand for Fish and Eel Friendly Pumps in these applications is expected to rise significantly as a result of EU regulations.

Hidrostal’s Fish and Eel Friendly V-Type Pumps are similar in many ways to our F-Type pumps. They also have a single, spiral-vane impeller; however, in this case the impeller shroud has a conical profile, whereas in the smaller, F-Type pump it has a curved profile.  This construction has proved to be extremely effective in passing relatively low concentrations of fish without damage.  Survival rates of almost 100% can be expected for eels passing through this type of pump.  Fish survival rates would be between 95% and 100% depending on the species.

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