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Model V0 - Vertical Ditchers



The different models of Cosmeco vertical ditchers doubtless represent one of the most interesting solutions to the water control and management, as for the drainage, the irrigation or the excavation of trenches where pipes are laid for any purpose. The vertical rotor makes a cut in the ground, the curved hoes enable the collection and removal of the dug material, and the rear shaper controls the depth and completes the cut finishing by compacting its base and walls. The result is nearly perfect, the vertical walls remain well-defined and smooth, requiring little further maintenance interventions. Even when the cut looks closed on the surface, the bottom remains opened and keeps removing water in excess  which damages cultivations or impedes the adequate work on the lands.

The Cosmeco vertical ditchers are important allies not only for drainage, but also for subsurface irrigation, very effective system for a precise underground water distribution, or nevertheless for the subterranean laying of tubes und electrical cables. The removed soil finely comminuted, if carefully aligned at the ditch edges thanks to the adjustable hood, may allow the direct laying of the pipeline and its subsequent burying.

Lightweight and reduced size of the smallest models enable to operate also in young orchards and vineyards plants in place, without damaging the root systems and moving only the strictly necessary soil. For this reason they are successfully used both for the inside and outside of greenhouses, or to earth up the plastic film on the base of tunnels.

Vertical ditchers at work

Watch the video of our vertical ditcher at work!

Technical Aspects:
  • Direct drive gearbox
  • 2nd category three-point hitch (standard)
  • Adjustable depth by the tractor hydraulic lifting system
  • The cut width changes based on the knives positioning on the rotor
  • Fixed frame, it works only behind the tire (standard version) or in a central position (AXEL version)
Main Strenghts:
  • The AXEL central version enable to work in a perfect central position respect to the tractor centre.
  • Suitable for all kind of soils
  • Adjustable hood for removed soil management
  • The small dimensions and the minimum weight, allow their use with low-power tractors
  • Maximum output both in open field and greenhouse
  • Better working conditions for clay soils
  • Reduction of unproductive soil with the ditches elimination
  • Better water regulation
  • Airing of the root systems layers
  • Lowest costs compared to a trencher
On Demand:

Cardan shaft with safety bolt – Hydraulic cylinder 3rd point – Hydraulic reel support and tube guide with profile-shaping shoe (tube ø10cm max.) – Filling scraper – Complete knives kit for cut width from 8 to 16 cm.

  • R.P.M.


  • Hp


  • Km/h

    0,4 - 0,8

  • Kg


  • Ditch size

    A: 8 - 10 - 12, B: 3

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