Model V2M - Modular Semi-Trailers



From now on, North American log haulers can count on a versatile, ultralight forestry Viking™ trailer that will provide them with maximum payload – be it weight or volume – and profitability. Thanks to its exclusive moveable/removeable bunk system, the V2M™ can be adapted to any task in a snap : full length wood or cut-to-length hauling. Sturdy like no others, the V2M™ can even take up the offroad load challenge without a blink. V2M’s capabilities make it a pure working brute. Its light weight and optimized profiling make it a money machine. Its smart concept makes it a wonder of engineering.

V2M™ outstanding features :

  • Lightest of the Viking™ family, yet still the sturdiest forestry semi-trailer on the market
  • Optimized payload
  • Flexible : exclusive, patented moveable/removeable bunk system
  • Galvanized bunks and stakes – Inside and out!
  • Available in tapered and dropneck models
  • In stock! PDI within 72 hours
  • Unbeatable quality/price ratio
  • Available in three and four axle (w/ self-steering) versions
  • Complete options catalog : air lift, alu wheels, easy-attach headboard and accessories, etc.

V2M : The ultralight forestry trailer with an offroad attitude.

Bolted options for even more flexibility! (Isn't this a bit of genius?)

Bolted winch - Ambidextrous and adjustable pitch

Bolted chain hooks - Positionable at your will

Oversize web protectors - Grapple freak-proof

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