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Vac-Master 600



This machine is the ultimate tool for grooming and maintaining plant height. The special designed housing creates a strong vacuum that lifts plants upward before cutting. Blow-down or twisting plant tops, common problems with other mowers, are completely eliminated with this mower. All plant debris is caught in a collection system; no residue falls back on the plants, thereby reducing disease problems. The collection system dumps hydraulically from the tractor seat. Now you never have to let your plants get to tall. Maintain your plant beds better than ever with the Vac-Master 600.

  • Working Width: 60'
  • Overall Width: 69'
  • Length : 59'
  • Height : 57'
  • Cutting Height: 1' to 18'
  • Hitch : Cat. II
  • H.P : 40 HP minimum
  • Rotor Diameter: 15.5'
  • Blade RPM: 2390
  • Weight: 1056 lbs
  • Collection System: 33.33 cu.ft.
  • PTO: 540 rpm

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