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Vacuum Infusion System


UAS introduces a state-of-the-art Vacuum Infusion System that takes functionality to new levels. No other system can boast the advantages that are standard with the UAS Vacuum Infusion System. This system has been designed to meet the individual and often changing needs of the end customer. With it, UAS has met the challenge of vacuum processing fragile extruded feed without product damage or fines generation.

The full potential of vacuum infusion has yet to be realized. UASVacuum Infusion Systems are being used in the field to create new products that are only possible through the use of this process. The ability to achieve fat levels to 40% and add expensive micro-additives after extrusion and drying are but a few of the advantages of vacuum infusion.

With our advanced equipment and extremely flexible control system, it is possible for the user to produce new and innovative products completely in-house. This helps to secure these innovations from competitors ensuring leading edge market advantage.


The UAS Vacuum Infusion System was designed with larger, and generally more fragile, pellets in mind. Our system handles varying pellet sizes without degradation by permitting user defined product specific parameter settings.

The UAS Vacuum Infusion System’s design concept imitates the gentle operation of conventional drum-type top dressers that have been accepted as the industry standard for many years. Our standard design with its many features is the most gentle handling vacuum infusion mixer available.


Fabricated in our workshops by highly qualified technicians to the exacting standards of our in-house engineering staff, the Vacuum Infusion System reflects UAS ’ commitment to excellence. Leaving nothing to chance, we build each vessel with only the best components, with no expense spared in our goal of creating a tough, reliable, low maintenance product.


The UAS Model 4296 Vacuum Infusion System provides the ability to process dry extruded animal feeds in batch sizes from 250 to 800 kilograms.

For typical high fat infusion applications (30-40% final fat content), product throughput rates in excess of 12,000 kilograms of dry pellets per hour can be achieved with this model.

Larger and smaller capacity units are also available.


Need to know what’s going on? Animated graphics provide the user with instant system status at a glance.

The Control Program’s comprehensive reporting capabilities will show you not only the levels requested, but also the levels actually achieved by the system during the Vacuum Infusion process. Reports are then stored to allow printing and archiving of any desired information.


Equipped with an Allen Bradley Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), the Vacuum Infusion System is not only easy to use, it is extremely powerful. Through the use of 'Touch Screen' technology, it allows the user to create a number of production 'recipes' with advanced control of oil delivery time, vacuum setpoint, vacuum release time, batch size, mix time and mixer speed, number of cycles, selection of liquid delivery nozzles, liquids mixing time, order of application, etc.

Accuracy is assured through the use of patented state-of-the-art weigh scale technology and monitored by the UAS Control Program. Advanced diagnostic capabilities and user level password protection round out a program that is truly revolutionary.


Innovative features make this system the most functional available. Our proprietary gate design (patent pending) will give you years of low maintenance and consistent sealing.

UAS Vacuum Mixers are built to exacting design tolerances in a unique round geometry, to prevent product damage. Our 'zero clearance' paddle design ensures complete mixer emptying, even with pellets as small as 1mm in diameter. This, combined with our proven mixing paddle design, allows the mixer to achieve accurate, complete, repeatable mixing at low agitation speeds.

Our infusion system incorporates a mixer tilt function that can be used on a batch-by-batch basis or at the end of a product run to further guarantee complete mixer emptying.

The UAS liquid/dry ingredients batching system does away with expensive, complicated, maintenance intensive flow meters. Our approach to the ingredients proportioning problem reflects our 'keep it simple and reliable' design philosophy, while at the same time providing the user unparalleled flexibility of operation.


Our programmers and engineers love a challenge! Bring us your special needs and we can custom design our system to meet them.UAS has been meeting the needs of feed processors around the world for over three decades!

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