Vacuum Spreaders



The Teamco vacuum spreaders are offered in several models going from 1500 to 4000 gallons in capacity. Each spreader is manufactured with inside separators that are easily accessible for maintenance. An internal agitator system provides for a even spreading operation. Moreover, the vacuum spreaders are equipped with front and back level indicators, with ??

  • 6' loading arm (15' long)
  • Ball check combined with a self cleaning froth trap
  • Pin Hitch with two setup levels
  • Road lights kit
  • Front and back level indicators

The vacuum spreaders are designed to rapidly load liquid manure.

Adjustable spreading nozzle

The nozzle allows for an even spreading pattern. The nozzle is fixed directly on the spreader with a mobile bracket. It is thus easy to remove and clean.

Hydraulic valve

The 6' diameter valve operates with a hydraulic sliding door system. Sealing is guaranteed through an easily changeable rubber o-ring.


The pump can rapidly load liquid manure. Teamco offers two models: 190 and 350 cfm. The 190cfm model loads at a rate of about 1000 gallons/minute, while the 350cfm model loads at a rate of about 1500 gallons/minute. These results are based on tests in 4' deep liquid manure.

Rear access door

This 24' diameter hinged trap gives inside access to ease cleaning and maintenance. Opening the rear door is easy and effortless.

Top loading option

A hydraulic cylinder opens and closes the top loading door, using the tractor's oil output.

6' or 8' quebec arm

The quebec arm provides a means to load the vacuum tank without having to leave the tractor to hook up the vacuum hose. With a 120deg. (180deg optional) rotation, this feature saves time and allows for a cleaner operation.


  1. 6' or 8' Quebec arm with vacuum hose
  2. Pump models '400' (190 cfm) or '700' (350 cfm)
  3. Top loading 24' manhole with hydraulic cylinder
  4. Disk brakes on 2 or 4 wheels
  5. Side located 6' hydraulic valve with male connector
  6. Custom decals
  7. Safety chains

Also offered, the Econo-Vac model has a capacity of 1825 gallons. This spreader has minimal features and is the most avantageously priced vacuum tank on the market.

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