Vacuum Transport System



Vacuum transport; The best option for transporting vegetable seeds in a fast, safe and clean way. The vegetable seeds can be sucked up manually or automatically with a suction pipe or directly underneath a container or silo. The seed can be transported horizontally or vertically. No damage of product because of special formed tubes and connections.

It is possible to make a network with hopper loaders, vacuum pipes and valves. The network would be controlled by a central vacuum control centre. Every hopper loader has a unique network address. By selecting the different hopper loaders product can be transported from hopper loader to machine and from machine to the next hopper loader.

Containers for seeds or powders Volume min. 70 liter max 670 liter. Easy to transport small lots to a processing machine.

In the wall of the container is a connection for an extraction feeding tube from which the material can be extracted.

Indoor silo’s wtih Volume min. 1700 liter max. 10.000 liter. Different lots can be stored before processing (or mixing).

  • Product can be transported to different levels in a machine or a higher floor level.
  • Machines can be loaded from floor level.
  • Platform to load the machine is not needed anymore.
  • Machines can be placed more close together.
  • Transport system takes less floor space and is always clean (no contamination with other products)
  • Vacuum system is easy to install and has low maintenance costs

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