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Thanks to its array of front tools and drilling systems, the box seed drill Rapid is always the right choice, irrespective of cropping system. The unique depth control function and coulter pressure result in optimal seed placement even at high driving speeds. Few moving parts and cushioning on all working parts give the machine an extremely long life.

Rapid always right

Drilling directly in stubble, after ploughing or in a reduced tillage system are all possible. Thanks to Rapid’s powerful front tool and soil-cultivating seed discs, it can drill in any conditions. This saves many passes before drilling. The high coulter pressure gives good penetration into the soil. Rapid can drill everything from small-seeded crops such as grass leys to large-seeded crops such as beans.

Efficient front tool – a cornerstone of the Rapid concept

The box seed drill Rapid with the right front tool makes it possible to achieve the almost impossible.

New hubs leave more time for the field

Rapid has been fitted with new hubs that are greaseless, i.e. pre-lubricated in the factory and with no need for re-lubrication. This reduces the number of grease points. The new bearings also have a longer life. The result is lower operating costs and more time in the field.

Hydraulic metering

From 2015, all Rapid models have hydraulic metering from the tractor. Hydraulic metering is essential in allowing the driver to use Väderstad E-Services, connect the machine to a GPS system and use the new technology to the optimum. With Väderstad E-Services, automatic shut-off can be applied when turning on headlands and the seed rate can also be altered automatically.

New tyres allow lower air pressure

Each wheel presses down the soil over two rows of seed and one of fertiliser. This reconsolidation ensures good contact between soil and seed, and thus good water supply to the germinating seedling. The large wheel diameter of the press wheels, 740 mm, and the new deeper tyre profile make it easier to work in moist conditions. They also decrease the inertia, thus lowering the draught requirement. 

The new tubeless tyres allow the air pressure to be lowered to 1.5 bar. This low pressure together with the newly designed tyre pattern increases the contact area on the soil by 50%. The quality of the rubber in the tyres has been improved and the lugs are now higher.

OffSet for greater capacity

OffSet means that alternate wheels in the carrying press wheel unit are displaced 190 mm backwards on a separate axle. This creates a gap between alternate wheels through which soil and crop trash can flow and pass out behind the seed drill. This avoids soil ridging in front of the wheel row.

More flexible following harrow

Rapid C/S is now equipped with a new following harrow that has better lift clearance and adjustable function. A mechanical version and a hydraulically controlled following harrow are available. On the latter, the pressure can be adjusted from the tractor cab on the go. For example, it is possible to work with one pressure in the main field and another on headlands.

Combi secures success

Nutrient placement during drilling gives a fast and reliable fertilisation effect. Since the fertiliser is placed in moist soil, there is less dependence on rain, while placement also gives high yields and better nutrient use efficiency.

Rapid is available with and without fertiliser. Interest in fertiliser placement has increased globally in pace with the higher costs of inputs and increasing environmental awareness. Väderstad can offer many years of experience within this area.

With Väderstad E-Services, Rapid is set for the future

With the introduction of Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) and iPad Air to the Väderstad programme, the machines can be controlled with the help of wireless communication. User-friendliness, cost-effectiveness and ease of update are just some of the major advantages with the iPad Air solution compared with conventional systems. Väderstad’s control solutions have been gathered together under the family name Väderstad E-Services.

Save money on irregular fields

Half-machine shut-off on Rapid is now easier, although it is still mechanical. It is possible to activate half-machine shut-off from the side of the machine. It is also possible to decide which side to shut off, so there is no need to plan driving in the field in advance.

On irregular fields there are great opportunities for savings. Farmers who regularly use half-machine shut-off appreciate the fact that they can save up to 5% seed and fertiliser.

Easy to calibrate

Fill the calibration pouch using a practically placed remote control. Weigh the sample and enter the value in E-Control or Control-Station The terminal itself calculates the relationship between seed amount and number of turns of the seed meter. The desired seed rate can then be specified in kg/ha directly in the terminal.

Sow other seed together with the main crop

With BioDrill on Rapid, a ley, catch crop or other small-seeded crop can be precision-drilled at the same time as the main crop. This saves passes, time and money. The seeds are released behind the coulter and are covered by the wheels and the following harrow.


Before drilling, the soil is consolidated by the tractor wheels. The pivot packer on Rapid ensures that the same reconsolidation is exerted on areas between tractor wheels.

Pivot packer consists of two pairs of pivoting wheels that are pulled by the tractor lower link arms. The Pivot Packer has two major tasks:

  • To consolidate the soil in-between the tractor wheels to achieve uniform consolidation all over the machine width
  • Radius of headland turning is considerably reduced


Depending on the front tools Rapid can work either directly in the stubble or on cultivated/ploughed land.
Rapid can be equipped with different front tools:

  • CrossBoard Heavy - Perfect solution for ploughed and cultivated land with low draught requirement
  • CrossBoard Heavy System Agrilla - The CrossBoard and the tines efficiently rip loose large amounts of material thereby levelling the soil before seed coulters
  • System Disc Aggressive - Our most versatile front tool for min till farming. Intensive soil preparation with individual rubber suspension for each disc. The disc size in combination with the conical shape ensures small soil particles, ideal for a good seed bed
  • CrossBoard Heavy System Disc Aggressive - The CrossBoard Heavy in front of the System Disc levels off the field with good flexibility and can handle some trash
  • System Disc CrossBoard (Light or Heavy) - This popular front tool works in most conditions from ploughed land to reduced tillage, but is also possible to use in direct seeding conditions


Rapid has an amazing ability to keep the seed depth under the most difficult conditions. Each packer wheel controls the drilling depth of two coulters by a unique mechanical linkage. The coulters are rubber suspended which ensures a calm operation also at high speed. Rapid has up to 150 kg coulter pressure (empty hopper) which enables penetration also under the toughest conditions.

The fertiliser discs with 250 mm spacing place the fertiliser between every second seed row to a preset depth. For optimum establishment the fertiliser should be placed at 2-3 cm deeper than the seeds.

The seed disc with 125 mm spacing cuts a small slit under the cultivated soil and places the seed in moist soil. Thereafter the seed is covered by fine soil created by the serrated edges of the discs. This is one of the explanations for the good and uniform emergence.

Rapid uses a single seed disc to achieve a seed furrow as narrow as possible. In the protected area behind the disc, the coulter places the seed. The discs are made of Swedish steel, hardened up to HRC55 - Väderstad V55. This ensures a strong and hard disc and therefore a longer lifetime.


Each wheel consolidates the soil over two rows of seed and one row of fertiliser. Consolidation ensures good contact between soil and seed, and therefore good water supply to the germinating seed.

The packer wheels are placed in an OffSet position. This means that alternate wheels in the packer roll have been displaced 190 mm backwards on a separate axle. This creates a channel between alternate wheels through which soil and harvest trash can flow and pass out behind the seed drill. This prevents soil walling up in front of the wheel row, which is an advantage on very light soils. OffSet also allows drilling under much tougher conditions and gives the drill a lower draught requirement.


The following harrow creates a loose evaporation barrier that prevents surface crusting after heavy rain.

Working angle and the pressure applied to the soil can be adjusted. This facility permits fine-tuning of the amount of cultivation achieved by the harrow, while at the same time allowing varying levels of crop residue to be dealt with.

The harrow is positioned to run in-between the seed rows, so there is no risk of disturbing shallow-drilled seeds.

Standard Features
Rubber suspension
Sharp, serrated seed discs
Unique depth control
Large hopper with roll-top
Metering system
Half-machine shutoff
Tramline couplings
OffSet wheels for consolidation
Following harrow
Front tools
CrossBoard Heavy System Agrilla
System Disc CrossBoard Heavy
System Disc CrossBoard Light
CrossBoard Heavy
System Disc Aggressive
CrossBoard Heavy System Disc Aggressive

Flexible drawbar coupling
Combi drilling
Pivot packer
Extra wheels pivot packer
Väderstad E-Services
Remote control
Pre-emergence markers
Disc markers
Reinforced tyre

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