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- Model Series II - Supper Grubber


The SUPER GRUBBER Series II, for mini and large excavators, is an attachment offering the most advanced system for brush management available. Designed for minimal ground disturbance, it utilizes the curling action of your excavator to plow its high strength, cutting edge underground, slicing roots and extracting brush in one easy motion. No more 'scalping' of topsoil by blading unwanted brush. No more contamination from the use of chemicals.

Conserve subsoil moisture by selectively eliminating unwanted brush in a way that minimizes ground disturbance, promotes grass growth and reduces erosion, while increasing rainwater infiltration. All Grubber models have no limit on brush size, and work equally well in rocky terrain, providing faster, longer lasting clearing at a lower cost per acre.

  • HIGH STRENGTH Cutting Edge
  • Available to fit almost any excavator or backhoe
  • Minimal Ground distrubance
  • No limit on brush size
  • Clear at a lower cost per acre!

  • Overall : 47iH x 36i W x 30i D
  • Cutting Base : 2iH x 36i W x 23i D
  • Beveled Cutting Edges : Front & Back High Strength Cutting Edge
  • Weight : 1,070 lbs

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