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We have the perfect drinker for your birds. VAL-CO now manufactures a more complete line of drinkers. VAL-CO has been known as the best nipple drinking system in the market since 1973. Val drinking system have been sold in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on the bases of 100% to the major poultry integrators. VAL-CO now manufactures a more complete line of drinkers for broilers, roasters and breeders. We have added options to allow you to select the drinker that best fits your needs.

Our New Breeder Drinker, based on years of experience in the poultry field, will give your birds as much water as they need without wasting a drop. The tapered flow pin will allow a variable flow of water and, at the same time, reduce accidental side triggering. This means less waste and more flow in the same drinker.

Our top quality Roaster Nipple is now available with additional features at no extra charge, including Hi-Flow, Xtra Hi-Flow and Feather Action. The Hi-Flow option will give an average of 30% more flow than a standard Roaster Nipple. The Xtra Hi-Flow option will double the flow rates and should only be used in extreme climates.

The Precision Feather Action option on the Roaster Nipple will give your birds water with the lightest touch in the industry. This option is available in all three flow rates. See the nipple matrix on the reverse for more details.

The Quencher Nipple is designed to match the industry standards for nipple drinkers being offered today. It is designed to provide Hi-Flow and Feather Action at competitive prices. The new Quencher Nipple is completely adaptable to fit any systems designed to use the VAL-CO Nipple.

These new features will provide customers with the perfect drinker for their particular applications. This will result in better feed conversion and weight gains. Our drinkers provide the right amount of water every time. That spells success.

  • 360° side action starts day old chicks, no mini drinkers needed. Triggers easier than any other nipple drinker on the market. Mini drinkers required only if birds have been de-beaked day old.
  • Triple Seal Stainless seat made with watch like precision and low ¼ PSI guarantees no leakage and no rubber seats to replace.
  • New flow control cap eliminates pin wear and wet manure problems.
  • The VAL drinker supplies adequate water for 15 broilers, pullets, or layers, 12 broiler breeders, 10 turkeys, or ducks.
  • Drinkers snap on water line left or right by means of J type connection (No threads)
  • Easily removed cap holds all parts of drinker assembly together.
  • Water is accessible at all times. Never a dry cup.
  • Drinkers are completely self cleaning. There is no cleaner watering system.

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