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The Valley Rainger provides water source versatility with ditch (canal) and hose (pressured pipeline) feed, and also has customized cart options. Valley Rainger linears offer high-flow capabilities that are not available with other mechanized irrigation equipment. The Valley Rainger gives you the ability to customize the equipment to fit your field. Begin with the Valley linear basic cart, equipped with the durable 5 inch tube frame. The same frame is used no matter your water source – you select what you need.

Take advantage of what Valley Linears can offer your operation:
  • Maximized irrgated areas
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Water conservation
  • Elimination of runoff with certain soil types
  • A farm managment tool for various applications

Linear equipment is often times seen as one of the most highly efficient methods of irrigation. your local Vallley dealer can help you assess your situation, considering the complete irrigation system - including water source, delivery and field applciation. Your dealer is there to ensure linear irriation gives you waht you need - peace of mind and the potential for greater profitablity.

  • Water Source: Earthen ditch or concrete canal
  • Power Source: Cart-mounted engine
  • Guidance: GPS, above- or below-ground cable, or furrow
  • Typical Field Sizes:
    • 130-607 hectares
    • (301-1500 acres)
  • Typical Flow Rates:
    • 32-285 lps
    • (500-4500 gpm)
  • Chemigation: On-board tanks

  • Water Source: Pressurized pipeline
  • Power Source: Cart-mounted engine or power cord
  • Guidance: Above- or below-ground cable, or furrow
  • Typical Field Sizes: 9-47 hectares (22-67 acres)
  • Typical Flow Rates: 12-88 lps (200-1400 gpm)
  • Chemigation: On-board tanks

The Rainger Swing-Around can be configured to cover a wide range of field widths. It rotates 180˚ around the cart to irrigate the opposite side of the field. This linear provides an economical solution, doubling the amount of land irrigated with one machine.

  • Utilizes the ClassicPlus or AutoPilot Linear control panel
  • Available as a hose drag or ditch feed
  • Above-ground, below-ground, or furrow guidance

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