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The Valley linear travels back and forth across a square or rectangular field, irrigating up to 98% of the area. Certain linears have the option to tow or swing around, increasing the amount of land irrigated. Valmont Irrigation now offers the Two Wheel Ditch Feed Linear, which is ideal for smaller fields that have existing canals or earthen ditches. Valley linears offer great advantages of coverage and flexibility, and are often viewed as one of the most highly efficient methods of irrigation.

Ditch Feed Water Delivery

  • On-board diesel engine with generator or cord drag option power a pump to pressurize and provide electricity to the linear
  • Rolling inlets are used in concrete canals; floating inlets are used in earthen ditches
  • Skid-style suction designed specifically for earthen ditches (Two Wheel Ditch Feed only)
  • Capacities of 10 lps – 285 lps (150 gpm – 4,500 gpm)

Hose Feed Water Delivery
  • Electrical power supplied by on-board diesel generator or cord drag option
  • Polyethylene hoses with inside diameters up to 200 mm (8″), offered in a variety of lengths connected to a pressurized mainline
  • Capacities of 12 lps – 88 lps (200 gpm – 1,400 gpm)

  • End or center cart location
  •   Hose or ditch water source
  •   Maximum Length 400 – 973 m
  •   Span Diameters 5' - 10'

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