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- Model Robot 210 - Automatic Concentrated Feed Distribution


A unique design, industrial unloading augers, up to 10 supplement/mineral/grain compartments, an ultra-precise pour spout and finally, extraordinary smart “automation”! The Robot 210 can be configured in many ways offering exceptional customization that few of our competitors are able to provide, while efficiently meeting the producer’s needs. We’ve got you covered!

  • Distributes grains, supplements and minerals automatically
  • Distributes supplements, minerals and grains individually or as a group
  • Can feed predefined quantities to animals by group
  • Adjusts the quantities given based on the cow’s feeding curve (using 2 methods: regular or optimized)
  • Manages up to 10 feed supplements, concentrates, grains and minerals (10 compartments)
  • Calculates the total feed intake (per type of feed) per cow (over the long-term)
  • Calculates the silo inventory (feed sources)

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