- Water and Fertilizer Extraction Unit


Adaptation and final choice of capacity have to be secured through appropriate data analysis & testing realized by NEREUS engineering. A custom designed according to your specific needs, is also possible

You don’t have enough land application areas or they are too far away ?
You are looking for a solution to improve the efficiency and productivity of your biogas plant ?
You’d like to recover some specific fertilizers (phosphorus, organic matter) ?

Use VALORDIG solution, the unit for water and fertilizer extraction from biogas sludge (digestate).

  • Rental or lease agreement possible
  • For services and options: contact us

Strengths of VALORDIG

  • P&P unit easily connected to the existing pipes
  • 100% automated unit, remote access and control
  • No chemicals added
  • Durability, robustness: the life of membranes used by VALORDIG is 10 years
  • Water extraction functioning all year long: the load of the biogas plant is no longer limited by digestate spreading
  • Water extracted 100% reusable or compatible with a release in the natural environment
  • Compact equipment: less than 40m2 for a biogas plant of 1.5 MWe

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