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- Microorganisms



Association of specific microorganisms, VALORISANTE initiates and accelerates composting process. Adapted on straw manure and manure pit. Increase the organic potential of the effluent. With VALORISANTE - Enable comfort and hygiene in housing structure

  • Improves ambient air 
  • Better Hygiene and animal welfare in the housing structure
  • Composting process favors sanitary comfort
With VALORISANTE - a better agronomic recycling of the effluent 
  • Composting process favors handling reduction
  • Processing into a rich fertilizer
Terms of use
  • Bucket 5 kg
The dosage depends on the housing structure condition. Refer to packaging indications and technical recommandation.

  • Semoulette powder
  • Free from pathogens microorganisms

Formulation : Microorganisms deposited at Institut Pasteur

  • Fluorescent Pseudomonas X-1301
  • Trichoderma harzianum X-1426
  • Bacillus amyloliquefaciens X-1512


Semoulette powder

  • Bucket 5 kg.
  • Carton of 4 buckets x 5 kg.
  • Store away from moisture
  • Reseal carefully after application

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