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- Model VP4600 VRM - Equal-Wheel Tractors


The 4600 series completes Valpadana’s range of equal-wheel tractors in the low-power range. These compact tractors provide superior performance and unique technical features. Supplied in a variety of configurations, with either equal wheels or oversized rear wheels, they are specially designed for intensive crop cultivations such as orchards and vineyards, greenhouses and nurseries, as well as for the maintenance of green areas. These ultra-compact tractors cover the power range from 23 to 47.5 hp. They feature quiet, environmentally-friendly engines, a powerful wet multi-disc braking system, a synchronized transmission with 8 FWD + 4 REV speeds and a completely independent PTO with wet multi-disc clutch.

  • The sturdy construction of the chassis, along with a high lifting capacity, allows the 4600 series tractors to work with heavy implements in complete safety.
  • Special attention has been paid to the steering system which features a steering cylinder integrated into the housing, thereby dispensing with the conventional front wheel tie rod, while providing impressive steering angles.
  • The driving position mounted on semi-platform with tilting steering wheel and gearshift levers placed to the driver’s side, and the instrument panel with ergonomically arranged controls make the 4600 tractor comfortable and safe to drive in every situation.
  • VRM: One-way Variant
  • Equipped with oversized rear wheels, the VRM model offers greater traction capability for maximum productivity
  • in any situation.
  • With a super tight turning radius and only the rear final drives turned upwards, the VRM version maintains a low
  • centre of gravity.
  • Specially designed for medium-scale orchards and vineyards, this tractor model can be equipped with implement
  • draft and position control, making it ideal for operation with ploughs, spring cultivators and grubbers.


3 CYL Yanmar
The 4600 series offers three Yanmar liquidcooled, three-cylinder engine options, including a direct-injected 23-hp model and two indirect-injected models delivering 36 and 47,5 hp respectively. All engines meet the Euro III emission standards and are equipped with a 35-liter fuel tank ensuring many hours of operation without refuelling.

  • The only “low power” equal-wheel tractor with a synchronized 8 FWD + 4 REV gearbox, a maximum speed of 30 km/h and controls to the side of the steering wheel.
  • Synchromesh gears allow smooth and quick gear change even while the tractor is moving, without damaging the transmission.
  • This makes the tractor very easy to use while providing a high performance for long-distance travel and transport operations.
  • The only “low power” equal-wheel tractor with a completely independent power take-off engaged via a wet multi-disc clutch.
  • The PTO system features a clutch and a control device that enable control of the PTO rotation independently of the tractor transmission. This allows the operator to either start or stop the rotation of the PTO shaft while the tractor is moving, or to keep the rotation of the implement constant both while changing gears and while operating the clutch pedal for starting and stopping the tractor.


The driving position with sprung seat and tilting steering wheel allows any driver to find the most comfortable position.

Viewed from above, the driving position has a clean, uncluttered design which provides plenty of room and a comfortable access to the driver's seat. The fully synchronised transmission with the control levers placed to the sides of the steering wheel offers 8 forward and 4 reverse gears providing a maximum speed of 30 km/h.

The PTO is completely independent of tractor motion, allowing the implement to be raised or lowered at any time regardless of whether the tractor is moving or stationary.

This feature makes the Valpadana 4600 a unique tractor, capable of operating with extreme accuracy in every situation, especially when working with sprayers, cultivators, spading machines, and other PTO-driven implements that must be stopped for headland turning.

The new exclusive “central drive” steering system with cylinder integrated into the front axle allows tight turning and dispenses with the conventional front wheel tie rod, thus eliminating an exposed element in the front of the tractor.

The four-wheel drive and differential locking system provide optimum wheel grip and lugging power in any conditions.
The front-wheel drive can be disengaged to minimize soil damage.

Driving Position
With the gearshift levers placed to the side of the steering wheel and the ergonomic arrangement of all controls, the driving position mounted on semi-platform is the most uncluttered and comfortable of its category.

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