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- Model N Series Versu/Direct - Tractors


Now less (cylinders) is more (productivity). The most powerful model in the N Series, the N163, produces up to 700 Nm of torque and 171 horsepower. Valtra Versu tractors have been designed above all to make it possible to work long days efficiently. The automated transmission and assisted brakes make driving easy. The five Powershift speeds in each of the 6 speed ranges give you an impressive 30 speeds in both directions. Even easier is the automatic function between the C and D driving ranges.So you have just the right speed for any kind of field or transport work. Now you control the power transmission with only 3 shift buttons on the patented, ergonomic Valtra armrest - independent of your working direction.

Valtra Direct offers new levels of user-friendliness for the most demanding tasks. The stepless transmission on Direct models has been designed and manufactured from start to finish by Valtra with respect for Valtra’s values and the individuality appreciated by our customers in a way that only Valtra knows how. In other words, the stepless transmission on Direct models has been made both for northern cold as well as for southern heat.

Valtra Direct allows you to select the ideal work area for the task at hand. Each of the four work areas begins from zero and offers stepless speed adjustment. You can also work as efficiently in reverse as you can forwards.

By selecting the ideal work area, you benefit from the optimum efficiency between the engine and transmission, allowing you to drive more economically.

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