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Model VAMPIR Pro - Elastic Snow Plough



The VAMPIR Pro features an elastic override protection and combines a high clearing capacity with running smoothness and a low noise level. It convinces both on urban and rural road and can be attached to tractors, municipal vehicles and trucks.


  • the conception of the Vampir series focused on smoothness of running and low noise level
  • the swing cylinder is independent of the lift kinematics, so that a nondistorted lifting and lowering is secured
  • a multiple-blade elastic snow plough with blade-protection via special-PU-lower-support-lever, mountable on tractors, carrier vehicles and trucks, adaptable to different clearing conditions
  • double lateral tilting arrest for transportation lock.

Optimized multiple-blade-design

  • effective power-saving snow removal
  • higher visibility by keeping the windscreen snow-free
  • the blade on the right is lifted, which allows unimpeded cylindrical snow transport and compact stacking at the roadside
  • due to different stops a clearing angle of 30° - 36° is possible.

Number of blades: 3-5
Clearing width: 2,5 m, 2,7 m, 2,9 m, 3,1 m, 3,6 m, 4,8 m

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