- Climate Control System


Precise regulation of the greenhouse climate enables your crops to grow well and efficiently. Light, temperature, humidity and CO2 concentration must be properly balanced. Van Zaal can help you achieve this. Climate control reduces to three basic applications: heating, cooling and air conditioning. Each application has an installation with its own benefits. New developed: Climate Control System, with the use of indoor and outdoor screens one has a balanced system for an ideal climate at low cost. For more infomation please watch the video right here. Striking and innovative: Greenhouse Without Gas, installed at phalaenopsisgrower Maurice van der Hoorn in Ter Aar. This cooling and heating system for a greenhouse works entirely without gas. For more information, please watch the video right here.

  • Tubes
  • Floor heating
  • Air-conditioning cabinets
  • Multiple-layer cultivation
  • Climate cells
  • CO2 installations
  • Ventilators

  • Most optimal and best balanced crop-growing conditions
  • Energy savings
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Inter linkable to other climate control installations
  • Linkable to Greenhouse Management System
  • Reduced labour costs
  • Better and more pleasant working conditions

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