- Container Systems


Van Zaal supplies container systems for various purposes, including cultivation and transport of plants in greenhouses, working areas and/or garden centres. Depending on your particular business situation, Van Zaal can help you choose the system that offers you the greatest benefits.

  • Push Unit (AFD)
  • Container Row Drive Unit (KLB)
  • Stacker (VST)
  • Container Drive Unit (CBA)
  • Conveyor Frame (CRB)
  • Container Washer (CWA)
  • Disinfection Machine (COM)
  • Container Vacuum Cleaner (CS)

  • Quiet, high-speed processing
  • Better utilisation of surface areas
  • Linkable to other installations
  • Can be integrated in a total internal transport system
  • Linkable to the Greenhouse Management System
  • Reduced labour costs
  • Better, more pleasant working conditions

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