Vard Aqua Sunndal AS

Vard Aqua Sunndal AS

- Model 8 52 - Fish Feed Barge



The barge is designed and equipped for worldwide farming operations, suitable for a wide range of sites and climates, including inshore, offshore, artic and tropical areas.

The barge is fitted with the following features:

  • One continous cargo deck for easy and safe loading of fish feed from fish feed transport vessel.
  • Latest innovations in fish feed handling system, ensuring proper and gentle feed transportation to the fish farm. Size and capacity til be adjusted to customer requirements.
  • Fish feed storage capacity ranging from 400 to 1200 tons.
  • Ensilage system with integrated mill for easy and secure operations.
  • Ballast water system for good sea-keeping abilites, ensuring safe operations for crew and crane, together with minimizing wear of mooring and feeding lines.
  • Bilge water system.
  • Crane for handling of ensilage, cargo and other operations.
  • Bridge control room providing good overview of the barge and fish farm operational area.
  • Diesel-electric generator sets and 1000V shore connection.
  • Accommodation for crew with modern living facilities.
  • Safety and lifesaving equipment to ensure safe environment for the crew and visitors.
  • Structural integrity according to the prescribed environmental conditions at the operational site.
  • Structure verified by DNV-GL in accordance with DNV Barge.
  • Certified in accordance with NS9415:2009.
  • Forage tank sounding.
  • Fully integrated IAS (Integrated Alarm and monitoring System) for remote handling of bilge-, ballast-, ensilage system and engine control.
  • Engine configuration and control by PMS (Power Management System).
  • Fire alarm system.

Designs of size and capacities are available upon request. General outfitting and options are adapted to each design in accordance with customer needs.

  • Length overall: 35,0 m
  • Breadth moulded: 12,0 m
  • Depth main deck: 5,0 m
  • Max draght: 2,4 m
  • Fish feed silos: 500 t
  • Ensilage: 140 m3

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