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- Model 220B - 2-Row Potato Harvester with Bunker



The AVR 220B Variant: Simplicity, capacity & durability .The 220B Variant is fully new developed, and this following the typical AVR principles. The machine was originally designed for Eastern Europe and Russia, but will certainly also appeal to other continents. For these countries, simplicity is of great importance. The technics and the operating system were voluntarily kept at a low level.

This harvester is equipped with the well-known AVR digger unit, which is both mounted in the Esprit, Spirit 8200, Mistral & Puma. Due to the large uptake, the synthetic diabolos, large haulm intake rollers and the central depth adjustment, an optimal result can be obtained. The large digging canal (1.60 m) has a long digging web and two sieving webs. Two haulm rollers combined with a 1.65 m pintle belt guarantee an efficient haulm removal. The pintle belt inclination can be electrically adjusted from the picking-off table. The machine can be controlled from the tractor with an ergonomic joystick.
The machine is equipped with a heavy duty elevator. The sieving web which is mounted in the elevator assures an extra sieving capacity. 

Steering wheels

New in 2011 are the hydraulical steering wheels. These can make an angle upto 15°, which enables easily manoeuvring on the headlands. Time is won and soil compaction is reduced !

Picking-off table
The potatoes are completely spread over the pinking-off table by a spreader unit, which enables an optimal pinking. The picking-off table is 1 meter large and offers space for 6 people. The swan neck in the picking-off table makes sure the picking-off table will sink deep into the bunker, which reduced the drop height. The bunker has a 5 ton capacity and can discharge up to a height of 3.60 meters.
The machine clearly distinguishes itself from its predecessor by the modern design, the simple operating, the higher capacity and the improved quality of the work done. All things considered, it is the ideal harvester for small surfaces and for smaller tractors. The simplicity helps to substantially reduce the redress life.

  • Length x width x height : 9.02 m x 3.00 m x 3.58 m
  • Bunker capacity: 5 tons
  • Weight: 7,030 kg
  • Wheels : 600/55 26.5 and 18.4 R30
  • Picking-off table: 1,000 mm
  • Row distance: 75 cm or 90 cm
  • Digging canal: 1,680 mm

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