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The ECS-C series of controllers combines the well known user-friendly and feature rich design of the popular ECS-M series with the latest in electronic technology.  The ECS-C series is designed to accurately control the climate of a room by monitoring the temperature and operating equipment such as fans, misters, heaters and inlet actuators. The display is designed for quick and easy access to parameter settings, and has an easy to view 5 digit LED display with output status lights.

Available Models

ECS-3C     2 variables, 1 single speed
ECS-5C     2 variables, 3 single speeds
ECS-8C     2 variables, 6 single speeds

The ECS-C series can easily position an air inlet when connected to a DIP-1C module.

Remote access, monitoring, data logging and management

The ECS-C controller series amounts to much more than user-friendly controllers when teamed up with the FarmQuest online management service.  Together, they make for a powerful management tool that you can access from anywhere in the world.  Your controllers are connected to the FarmQuest server, which constantly uploads data and enables you to easily view, analyze and compare results with those of current or previous production batches.  Also, when an out of limits condition exists, FarmQuest automatically sends you a warning by email or SMS text messaging.

The ECS-C controllers are also compatible with our WiFarm wireless network, specifically created for farm applications.  Its easy installation eliminates trenching and underground wires that can increase the risk of lightning strikes.

The WiFarm wireless network and FarmQuest online management service have been designed exclusively for the livestock industry by M2M TeleSystems.  To learn more about these, click on their respective logos below.

New Features

  • Average of the readings of up to 4 probes
  • Outside temperature probe
  • Misting/fan stage
  • Up to 2 zones of heat
  • Record of heaters runtime
  • 5 digit LED display
  • Push button access to F2 parameters
  • Automatic minimum speed ramping

Other Features

  • Automatic temperature ramping
  • HI/LO temperature recall
  • Timer on minimum speed
  • 2 independent standard triacs
  • Choice of 9 motor curves
  • Full torque start
  • Humidity control with an optional humidity probe
  • Maintains settings after a power loss
  • Radio interference filter
  • Alarms on HI/LO temperatures and loss of power
  • Highly effective protection against lightning
  • CSA approved
  • Rugged and sealed enclosure
  • 2 year limited warranty

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