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- Model 1G - Variable Sample Dividers



Dividing samples of grain, seed and other granular products. Accurately dividing to the desired sample size in one operation. Copy sample option on some models

The sample to be divided is poured through a hopper in the top of the divider. From the hopper the sample material glides through a rotating tube which passes a number of variable outlets leading the sample to sample tray. Sample material falling between the variable outlets, is guided out and away as surplus sample. The samples collected in the sample tray consists of a certain number of sub samples, the number of sub samples can be calculated by multiplying the number of rotations of the rotating tube (40 rpm) with the number of outlets. The accuracy of the dividing depends on the number of sub samples. To obtain the greatest accuracy, the time taken for dividing must never be less than 20 sec. With samples of less than 4 kg it is necessary to use an inlet hopper with a smaller outlet hole.

Using a divider Vario 1G as shown on the principal drawing. 4 kg of sample should be reduced to 1 kg. The handle is moved to position 4 on the scale. The sample tray is placed in position. Check that the hopper is of the correct size. Start the divider by turning the switch on the front to position 'drift'. Pour the sample into the hopper and wait about 15 sec after the material has left the hopper. Stop the divider. The sample is now ready for analysis or storing.

The sample dividers are often used together with our process sampler DVB, which is used for taking samples from seed lots. Sample divider model 1G or 2H is used for this application. The sample divider is then started automatically when the DVB starts, and the sample drops into the hopper. Surplus sample material can automatically be transported back to process. In laboratories variable dividers can be used for very precise dividing of different materials. Compared with the 'riffle type' divider and the 'boerner divider' a lot of labour time is saved. In addition to this the required sample size can be obtained both easily and accurately. The divider can as an option be delivered with an electronic scale for precise adjustment.

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