- Model 110 WDP - Front Furrow Press



Plough press or as front furrow press, single- or double-row, with 700 mm or 900 mm ring diameter, with 30° or 45° ring profile, LEMKEN has the right solution for any condition.

  • Thanks to the ring construction without individual hub, the working width of the VarioPack furrow press can be easily adjusted by adding or removing rings. The ring shape, ring profile and special attachment method guarantee highest reliability, durability and minimum wear.
  • The press arm made from highly elastic, tempered steel is resistant to accidental damage from the tractor.
  • The use of a following roller ensures additional crumbling of cloddy soil and good levelling. On light to medium soils, your field can be made ready for sowing in one pass.
  • A pushing device allows the press to be used in a front-mounted situation. A simple steering mechanism allows for exact, continuous coverage and easy turns.
  • On folding front furrow presses, the separate sections are free to follow the ground contours providing uniform work quality.

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