- Model 12 - Semi Mounted Ploughs



Perfect ploughing means optimal quality of work with maximum acreage performance while keeping fuel consumption and driver loads as low as possible. The Diamant 12 meets this challenge optimally by providing numerous smart features in addition to the proven qualities of the Diamant 11.

  • Controlled traction increase is included as standard, which transfers weight from the plough and the front tractor axle to the rear axle to reduce tractor slip and thus improve both fuel consumption and economy.
  • The TurnControl electronic control allows all important plough functions to be set and saved from the tractor cabin, relieving the driver from operating strain.
  • The electrohydraulic tilt control allows the plough tilt to be set and saved directly from the terminal. The two double-action rams of the turnover device keep the plough precisely in the pre-set position. The tilt can be overridden for the first or last, shallower furrow.
  • The traction increase pressure is automatically reduced at the headlands to increase tractor stability: a sensor is provided for this purpose to measure the steering angle between the tractor and the plough.
  • Continuous hydraulic working width adjustment for continuous adaptation to any working conditions. 

  • Hydraulic turnover device E 90
  • Double acting turnover device
  • Hydraulically adjustable working width
  • Box section frame 110 x 110 x 8 mm
  • Lower link attachment Cat. 2 (or Cat. 3 or 3N=L2 Z3)
  • Toolboxes, tools and shearbolts
  • Stand
  • Underframe clearance 80 cm
  • Two-piece shares (option: hard-faced one-piece stone shares)
  • Shape of Dural bodies B, C, D, P or W

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