eIQ Energy

- Model 600 - 600 Watt DC-to-DC Converter Module

eIQ Energy’s patented power management technology makes solarenergy more dependable and affordable. The vBoost Parallel Solarsolution enables solar arrays to harvest more energy, and providesdistinct advantages in design, installation and operation.

The heart of the Parallel Solar solution is the vBoost converter module, whichsteps up the voltage output of a solar panel and creates a connection to aconstant-voltage bus. The vBoost maximizes system performance by providingmodule level maximum power point tracking (MPPT) and delivering power tothe inverter via a high voltage DC bus. The constant DC voltage improvesinverter performance and eliminates line voltage drops, and mismatch losses.By maximizing the energy output of solar power systems using the vBoosttechnology, energy harvest can be improved by as much as 30%.

The vBoost Parallel Solar solution eliminates series string design limitations andgives array designers unprecedented flexibility - facilitating faster installationand a lower installed cost. The vBoost Parallel Solar solution is a completebalance of systems package encompassing the vBoost, communicationsmodules and all wiring from the back of the array to the recombiner feedingthe inverter. All of the wiring is provided with mechanical connections that arekeyed to eliminate field wiring errors.

Designed for use with higher-power modules, the vBoost 600 mounts directlyon the racking and connects to the PV module with an MC4 connector.Adapters are also provided to accommodate other connector types, both thepower and data are carried on a single set of cables, eliminating the need forexternal data lines.

Parallel architecture with constantvoltage output over entire inputpower curveDirect connection to solar panelMC connector; no additional panelwiring neededComplete cable assembly with #10UL rated PV wire for vBoost unitinterconnectionFull communications over powerline to central module. Collecteddata includes:

Voltage input (from panel)
Current input  (from panel)
Power input (from panel)
Voltage output (from vBoost)
Current output (from vBoost)
Power output (from vBoost)
Unit status

Remote and local shut-off of vBoost unitsSafe installation - off mode duringinstallationWatertight NEMA Type 6 enclosureFlexible mount points forconnection to any racking systemHigh-availability fault tolerantdesign Typically supports two c-Simodules or multiple thin filmmodules

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