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- Model VC-144 - Radio Receiver



Our VC-144 receiver is the flagship wireless control platform in our lineup. It’s loaded down with I/O count and options, and can run any of our radios at any frequency. It’s a processing powerhouse for demanding applications with its high-powered DSP processor, and up to 37 pins available for I/O and data. It’s able to accept and provide almost any signal type common in the mobile industry. In addition, it’s got WiFi, RS-232, and dual CAN available (normally via SAE-J1939). We handle all of this in a module that’s only 5.76”x6”, highly environmentally hardened, fully solid-state, and 100% US-made (down to the board level) in our facility. We don't expect you'll use it's maximum capabilities, but it should handle whatever machine you can dream up. Full tech specs are below, and we're happy to take your call or email and go over a specific application with you.

  • Weight : 1.0000
  • Height : 5.76'
  • Width : 6.00'
  • Depth : 1.50'
  • Ingress Protection : IP66
  • Operating Temperature : -40° to +85° C
  • Housing Material : Glass-filled Polymer
  • Storage Temperature : -55° to +85° C
  • Certification : FCC, IC, C-Tick, Others on Request
  • Protocols : Serial: RS-232, CANbus (2x): SAE-J1939, RF: 900MHz FHSS or 2.4GHZ DSSS, WiFi
  • Supply Voltage : 12V/24V nominal (9V – 30VDC)
  • Analog Inputs : 18 Maximum, 0-32VDC (other ranges available), 12-bit resolution with on -board 5V Reference supply available for sensors. Inputs are protected from overvoltage & transient spikes.
  • Digital Inputs : 18 Maximum — 12/24V nominal input range with protection for overvoltage/transient spike
  • Frequency Inputs : 1 Maximum — 12/24V nominal input range with protection for overvoltage/transient spike
  • Quadrature Inputs : None
  • PWM Outputs : 14 Maximum (12 CR), 5A max, sourcing
  • Digital Outputs : 30 Maximum
  • Variable Voltage Outputs : 12 Maximum, 0-30V (other ranges available)
  • **NOTE: : INPUTS & OUTPUTS SHOW MAXIMUMS ONLY. Using all the inputs or outputs of one type may limit other I/O. Please contact us for no-charge application support.
  • Frequency : 900MHz FHSS, 2.4GHz DSSS. With powers up to 100mW
  • Operating Range : 300ft, 1000ft, or Half Mile (nominal)

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