Model VD120 & VD240 Series - Post Drivers


The VD120 and VD240 series post drivers are the most effective, non - violent, time efficient post driver on the market, allowing for maximum output in minimal time.   Save time and money with our class leading vibrating post drivers. No digging, no concrete, no cleanup required with this simple and easy to use tool. Boost your productivity and profits, by eliminating the need for long hours and wait times as compared to typical post installation methods.

The VD series post drivers are designed with the end user in mind. This compact unit will fit anywhere your skid steer can, allowing easy access to those hard to reach yard boundaries and tree lines that before were very labor intensive and time consuming.

Tested on multiple soil types the VD series post drivers have been proven on everything from compact to loose soil types.

The VD post drivers are suited to drive wooden, aluminum, steel and other similar type posts and piles effectively and easily.

The VD120 weighs approximately 500lbs, while the VD240 weighs approximately 1500lbs, making both extremely sturdy and reliable yet easily handled with your skid steer or equivalent.

  • 9000 RPM hydraulic motor
  • High quality hydraulic pump with 16-30 GPM flow operation (16-23 GPM optimal flow for VD series)
  • Utilizes steer skid hydraulic system, so no need for a separate reservoir
  • Can be custom made to fit other machinery
  • Equipped with easy quick-connect hoses
  • Manual flow control to allow settings for a variety of soil conditions
  • 7500 lbs of consistent down force with up to 10,000 lbs intermittent vibrational force
  • 12’ or 24’ post driver models available
  • Eccentric mass mounted on 4 rubber isolators providing maximum vibration and movement
  • Sturdy steel construction and high tension welds for longevity and durability
  • Heavy duty hydraulic lines and fittings giving endless reliability

  • Easily mounts to skid steer or custom equipment
  • Easily installs up to 6 inch wood posts, and 8 inch steel posts and piles.
  • Versatile for any type of post/pile installation including decorative posts, T-bar, V-bar, wood and metal
  • Easy low impact, non-violent, safe operation
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Extremely low maintenance cost
  • Operated from within your skid steer from the touch of a button
  • Compact for those hard to reach places where clearances and margins are minimal
  • Timely and Cost effective solution for your diverse needs
  • A dynamic, friendly and effective customer support team for all your technical service or parts needs
  • Easy financing available

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