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Model VE 1000 - Livestock Transport System



The conditions of farm animals during transport from farm to farm or to abattoir are gaining more attention. The animals have only a small space and must be supplied with fresh air. Measuring the surface temperature of the animals tells us how they feel. Using this information, you can restrict the supply of fresh air if necessary so that they stay warm. Lack of oxygen is a real risk with so many animals in a confined space. They must have at least a minimum supply of fresh air. Variations in vehicle speed and in strength of crosswind change the air supply. Increased animal activity requires more oxygen. With VengSystem's new system, however, the haulier now can document the conditions that have applied during each journey and can demonstrate that they met necessary standards. The system complies with current and known new rules on transport vehicles for farm animals. VengSystem has developed the system in cooperation with the leading animal transporter in Denmark, the SPF Selskabet.

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