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Model Vector - Automatic Feeding System


Some years ago we operated a railed feeding system in our previous barn and compared to that, this system is so much more flexible.” Lely has developed a unique economic concept that can take care of this and will do even more; it allows for 24/7 flexible fresh feeding of cows, being able to feed cows accurately, precisely and with minimum labour requirements. The Lely Vector automatic feeding system is a concept that was developed in close co-operation with our customers and allows for optimal results while maintaining maximum respect for your cows.

Feeding your cows with the Lely Vector automatic feeding system offers you optimum flexibility. You can implement your feeding strategy without any compromises, whether you want to feed your cows several times a day, different rations and in different groups. You will be rewarded with better cow health and increased production.


Cows deliver best when they are in optimum shape. Obviously good feeding is of the utmost importance to achieve this. The Lely Vector automatic feeding system helps you to serve their feed as fresh as possible in well mixed, balanced portions. Your cows will thank you by showing a good health and offering a high milk production.

Making sure your milk/feed efficiency goes up, while reducing operational costs, is crucial to remain a profitable business. Providing the best ration is a must for healthy, high-production dairy cows. Cows become healthier by consistent feeding and consequently your veterinarian costs will decrease. Higher feed intake for all cows, including young heifers, results in a better performance of the herd and especially of low ranking cows. A more efficient use of feed is realised while more fresh feed leads to less leftovers. Furthermore, feeding time will be reduced using the Lely Vector automatic feeding system; time that you can spend on optimizing your farm management.

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