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Vehicle-mounted Sprayer


EMAIL: WEBSITE: whatsapp:+86 15038394010 SKYPE:ivyriceprocessing With superfine droplet design, this agricultural & forest sprayer can save 30%-55% water and pesticide. Easy operation, high efficiency and low cost.

Vehicle-mounted Sprayer Features
1.Employ process control and optional remote-controlled & full-automatic operation device, achieving the operation with high efficiency and high quality.
2.Mechanical drive is safer and more reliable than the generator unit and electromotor mode.
3.Long spraying range; two-stage fan, high wind pressure and large air quantity. 
4.Good penetrability, high targeting accuracy, little droplet drift.
5.Precision spraying and fine sprays, saving water and pesticide.
6.Wide air-tube elevation of 10°-70° and horizontally free rotation of 360°, more convenient and flexible to operate.
7.Lubrication-free plunger pump, has no need for maintenance and has no pollution.
8.Low wear-and-tear, qualified for long-time and high-intensity work, have 10 times working rate of the general spraying machine.

Contact: Ella; email:; skype: ella.zhai3

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