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Gakon supplies custom made greenhouses to meet all your requirements. It could be a small extension or a completely new project including working area and associated equipment. We produce theVenlotype of greenhouse. This type is known for its solid structure, excellent light yields and extensive ventilation possibilities. TheVenlogreenhouse is also advantageous with respect to dimensions. The modular construction means that modifications and extensions can easily be made at a later stage.

Gakon greenhouses meet your requirements

Gakon greenhouses meet all the most up-to-date technical, environmental and energy demands. Projects carried out in foreign countries all meet the local rules, regulations and standards.

Developing a greenhouse is the first big step to realise – though erecting it on location is equally important. Gakon’s long-term construction partners ensure the professional, proper and rapid construction of your greenhouse.

Gakon has here own gable and roof system: Excellent. Would you like to know more about this system? Click here.

Are you looking for something special? Take a look at our page with specials.

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