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Venlo Greenhouses for Vegetable Crops


The Venlo type of greenhouse remains the most frequently built worldwide. Although Venlo greenhouses have existed for several decades, recent years have seen the incorporation of major improvements. It is a greenhouse that will meet the requirements of a variety of growers, especially those growing vegetables. Venlo greenhouses are also flexible enough to be adapted to specific requirements. This makes it eminently suitable for a wide variety of crops and cultivation techniques. Various technical facilities - anything from screens and lighting to ventilation - can easily be incorporated.

Available in many sizes

Modern Venlo greenhouses are available in the original roof width of 3.20 meters, but other widths are also possible. By increasing the size of the lattice work, up to 12.80 meters, you can enjoy much more obstacle-free space for your crops. Customized bay widths and truss heights no longer need to be a problem. Bringing in Zwirs Worldwide means bringing in a greenhouse builder who knows the Venlo inside out and is also able to advise you about incorporating technical installations into the greenhouse. Construction and glazing is carried out by our own staff, or sometimes by local partners under the supervision of Zwirs Worldwide.

Roof truss widths:
6.40 meters - 9.60 meters - 12.80 meters
8.00 meters - 12, 00 meters - 16.00 meters

Standard bay widths:
4.00 meters – 4.50 meters – 5.00 meters

Standard roof beams:
3.20 meters - 4.00 meters - 4.26 meters - 4.80 meters

Standard post heights

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