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Greenhouse Aluminium Heating Systems



Aluminium heating profiles provide major advantages compared with traditional round steel tubes. The aluminium heating profiles are lightweight and thanks to their unique shape they give off the heat directly to the plants. All the aluminium heating profiles are given a surface treatment during the production process. As the heating profiles are anodised, they do not need any further after-care under normal conditions of use. Using aluminium compression fittings the machined heating profiles can be connected simply in a watertight fashion. Aluminium heating profiles are highly suitable for use as overhead heating. Alcomij supplies these aluminium heating profiles anodised, including accessories.

Aluminium heating profiles provide more heat close to the crop with less water and use radiation heat. The system can respond quickly to a demand for heat. Alcomij supplies the aluminium heating profiles in various types so you can choose the best heating system for your heating requirements.

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