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In RUFEPA we can make your project with sophisticated greenhouses glass type 'Venlo, which is a product of high technology, quality and adaptability that fulfills the needs of horticulturists more demanding. The dimensioning and design of the elements that make up the main structure are calculated specifically for each project with calculation software for glass greenhouses: CASTA. RUFEPA glass greenhouses, comply with the latest European regulation: EURONED: EN 13031-01 A15 issued by the Dutch Institute for Standardization. Several ventilation systems: rail system, swing system and continuous ventilation system.

The VENLO glass greenhouse is the most used model of greenhouse within the glass units.  It is perfect for horticultural and flower production production. All the most advanced technologies can be included in this greenhouse.

It´s main structure, posts, trellis girders and other main components are manufactured in hot dipped galvanized steel, which gives high protection and long life top the structure even in the thoughest climates.

Roof and gutter are manufactured in extruded aluminum profiles, which are manufactured to support the glass glazing, and having different designs depending on snow load, wind load, hail storm load and structure and crop load.

One big advantage is the long life of this greenhouses and the low maintenance cost due to the low breaking of glasses.

The models that we manufacture are:

  • VE.640, baywidth of 6,40 metres divided in two of 3,20 metres.
  • VE.800, baywidth of 8,00 metres divided in two of 4,00 metres.
  • VE.960, baywidth of 9,60 metres divided in two of 4,80 metres or three of 3,20 metres.
  • VE.128, baywidh of 12,80 metres divided in four of 3,20 metres.

Ventilation systems on the roof are mainly two, such us RAIL SYSTEM, SWING SYSTEM and CONTINOUS WINDOW, simple or double.

Glass cover can be chosen depending on the weather conditions. We can advice to our customer wheter to use double, simple or diffuse glass. Also and if it is required it can be included Policarbonate in the perimeter of the greenhouse for better isolation.

For montage our staff is experienced to manage the assembly of all the parts of the turnkey project anywhere in the world.

Rufepa can also make customized projects, such us rails on the fronts for the use of cleaning glass machines, external structures for the installation of external shade screens, or settle solar pannels on the roof of the greenhouse.

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