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Our greenhouses thanks to their versatility are also used aswarehouse greenhouses, storage coverings for different needs such as hay storage, shed for agricultural tools and other products requiring to be sheltered. TheSTOREART warehouse greenhousesare realized according to ourTUNNELARTagricultural greenhouses (without cementation) andMULTIART(with cementation).

The first models (Tunnelart) can be classified as “light”, i.e. when the structure realized for storage does not require cementation, while the second models (Multiart) become “heavy” structures, i.e. sheds, which are built according to the regulations of civil buildings, and, therefore with a grounded cementation of a certain load..

Both models are realized in different sized according to the requests and may also reach 10.20 m  and 12.00 m, by exploiting high volumes for the different types of coverings from equipment to products.

The STOREART model with cementation has the following technical specifications.

Basic elements of the structure manufactured in galvanized steel by Sendzimir Z 275 process or in molten zinc dip and are constructed according to criteria making their assembly easier.

Structure: ridge beams, lateral columns, truss central distance, ridge arches, spacers between supporting columns and bracings for the reinforcement of the frontal trusses. (according to projects and sizes).

Perimetral plugging in 80 mm insulated sandwich panel

Perimetral opening and pluggings: insulated self-supporting metal panel in polyurethane intended for the walls of commercial industrial buildings, for refrigerating rooms and positive temperature and general compartmentation. External sheet in hot galvanized steel.

Accesses through (frontal) sliding doors and (lateral) swing doors. .

Lateral windows.

Anchoring to the ground by 300 x 300 mm plates with Ø24 mm coach screws welded to the columns

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