- Model GT - Grain Cleaner

The GT Grain cleaner is completely portable on 185/60R 14” wheels. It is versatile and flexible so that you can insert it into about any point of your grain handling and storage system. The chain driven drum will handle up to 400 bags (33 ton of wheat) of grain per hour gently yet thoroughly removing fines, chaff, weed seeds and other foreign material. Cleaning is thorough and handling is gentle because of the unique stationary baffle design. As the drum rotates, three processes occur. First, the grain moves the length of the drum to the discharge end. Second, it moves laterally across the diameter of the drum. Third, it is constantly stirred so the grain passes over the screen repeatedly while it is moving directionally. Comes with 6.5 H/P Vanguard (Optional 5.5 H/P Honda Motor available), New 185/60R14” wheels, steel hopper, tow hitch and a 2.5mm standard wheat barley screen.

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