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Ventilation Fan


Cereal needs air: Thus in a silo grain can be stored safely, this must cooled, ventilated and possibly even dried. For this, air rates up to 60 m³ / t / h required. Bintec offers for this purpose to high-performance blower of 2.2 kW to 37 kW, which are individually tailored to the silo.

Combined Ventilation fans with grain distributor, full aeration floor and a warehouse management system from Bintec safe cooling, ventilation and drying of grain in the silo is thus possible in a simple way. And with maximum efficiency and safety, with a maximum protection of the grain.

According to the air rate of the fan is the appropriate number of vent hoods installed on the roof so that the air can escape upwards. In order to ensure an optimal drying process, a low-temperature heater can be upstream of the fan. This raises the temperature of the supply air to a maximum of 10 ° C and the humidity is reduced by up to 50%. Overheating and damage to the crop is safely avoided.

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